When I give gifts I look for things that inspire me. Stories that make me feel connected to the brand. Two examples that come to mind immediately are Alaina Marie and Traps Eyewear. In the case of AM, their bags, inspired by lobsterman’s bait bags, are beautiful but also pull on my heart strings due to their sustainability values and handmade quality.
— James Morin, COO, Flowfold

Why another Gift Guide?


Our business is providing creative services for hire to entities of all sizes, in all places. We travel—and virtually travel—for work and for life—much of the time. But we find solace, inspiration, and restoration here, in the state of Maine. We choose to make our permanent homes here. Some of our most satisfying and rewarding professional relationships and collaborations are here and can only be here. We love the smart, clever, down-to-earth entrepreneurs, makers, craftspeople, and adventurers that choose to call this state home. We are grateful for the culture of mutual support that enables small businesses to exist and to thrive here. While what we make every day is fairly intangible (photos, videos, logos, and brand stories) we cannot help but admire the people who spend their days in this place crafting beautiful and substantial things for others to use and enjoy.

This guide is our way of appreciating those things and the people who make them. 


Gift guides are a dime a dozen, so we wanted to use ours to show off more than just vanilla waifs and comely lumberjacks. From the photographers we have collaborated with to the models who show off featured products, we created this guide with the intention of showing the world what we love about our home state. 

Our goal is to provide a platform for finding and appreciating a huge variety of objects that are made right here, in Maine. The importance of supporting local business is close to our hearts, as money spent in this manner is more likely to make cool things happen in our communities. 

In shooting everything in house, our aim is to challenge vendors and salespeople to think dynamically about how they represent and market their products. Every detail, down to model choice and items featured, are meant to represent how beautiful and diverse our state truly is. Whether you’re looking to buy clothing, jewelry, books, pet supplies or products for your home, someone in our home state is making something amazing..

We don't take a cut of sales—you go straight to the vendor—and our underwriters, while appreciated, don't get priority over other vendors. Finally, we don't believe in pay-to-play advertising, and we select items based on our interests, not because a vendor paid to appear. 

We are certain you will find something that fits every occasion, person, style, and budget represented by your friends, families and colleagues. And if you don't, feel free to send us your ideas for future Maine gift guide products.

Happy shopping, Maine.


A NOTE FROM THE CREATORS: This guide is not pay-to-play—all products represented are chosen by our editorial staff for their creativity, quality, uniqueness, craft, etc.. The guide is created and staffed on a volunteer basis with support from our sponsors. If you'd like to submit an item for consideration in the guide, please fill out our inquiry form