Zack Bowen

Though food and travel photography are Zack's passions, he enjoys utilizing his knowledge of commercial, editorial, and advertising to work on large and small-scale productions for clients of any size.  He is fortunate to travel a great deal for a variety of clients and for his own personal enjoyment, always with an ambition to see new sights and sharpen his skills. 

In the early 2000s he began his career working in a commercial photo studio in Dallas, specializing in product, lifestyle and advertising. After several years he was lured to Maine by LL Bean to start the company's first in-house photo studio.  He worked as Bean's lead photographer for nine years, growing their initial 130 sq. ft., one-room closet into a bustling 16,000 sq. ft. studio. When leaving LL Bean in 2013, he co-founded Knack Factory, a content production company based in Portland, ME.


Shane Anderson

Shane Anderson is a location independent freelance photographer and videographer, branded under the mononym, ThatStylishNerd. Though artistic portraiture is his specialty, Anderson has expertise in other areas of media creation such as interior, product, and landscape. Anderson describes himself as a "creator, storyteller, and adventurer" with the mission to create truly unique and inspiring content. Most notably, Anderson is currently contracted as a marketing strategist for a Nebraska-based startup, and a Google Allo representative. With plans to travel to London within the year, Anderson will be sure to find, and bring inspiration to wherever he goes. To keep up with his latest adventures, find him on YouTube and Instagram as "ThatStylishNerd."

Erin Little

Erin Little still have the first photograph she ever took on her mood board: a Polaroid of her mother, father, and dog. She took it at the age of three after her parents handed her the camera because they were tired of never seeing themselves in the family photo albums.

From there, she became obsessed with capturing visual memories, setting up shoots with her friends in a make-shift studio (a sheet and some props), and devouring her mother's old LIFE magazines for inspiration.

After many years (and jazz music school), Erin started getting hired for portrait sessions and documenting the lives of others, and she realized that what had been her hobby and passion could actually be her profession.

It's been ten years since, and she has never looked back. She's been fortunate to work among many talented professionals in the industry, and to see her work in The New York Times and publications like GQ. Erin loves peeking into the lives of others and capturing it all in an intimate, genuine, and creative way.

Krysteana Scribner

Krysteana Scribner is an intern at Knack Factory, a host at Hot Suppa, and is completing her final semester at USM as an undergraduate English major with a minor in media and communications. Her love for writing has projected her into the field of Journalism, and more recent opportunities have allowed her to embark on creative endeavors in video production, photography, graphic design and audio editing. An avid learner and future nomad, she dreams of traveling the world and telling stories that have yet to be discovered, whether it be through video, audio or written word. 


Kari Herer

Kari Herer is a Maine-based professional photographer. Since founding her company in 2009, she has been a featured artist on Martha Stewart Weddings, Etsy, Design Sponge, and Click Magazine, while she is a regular photographing for The Press Hotel, ZEST magazine, and Sotheby’s International. Her vivid portrayals of botanical specimens have landed her collaborations with Anthropologie, IKEA, Land of Nod, and Restoration Hardware. She has conducted photography workshops and been a featured speaker at conferences throughout the world. Today Kari lives with her two daughters, a few chickens, a golden retriever, and a fish named rose sassafras.

Lindsay Heald

Lindsay Heald is primarily a producer at Knack Factory.  On a daily basis, she makes sure operations run smoothly at the studio and out in the field.  Tasked with organizing and scheduling on the regular, she counters that by taking on freelance shooting gigs of her own when possible.  From documenting film festivals and grand openings, to weddings and art auctions, Lindsay doesn't quite know when to say no.  In addition, she has been volunteered by her team at KF to shoot several products for this gift guide and has actually very much enjoyed flexing a muscle that otherwise wouldn't get much use.